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So! I've recently done several fan art paintings. In those, several characters are standing side-by-side in line. They're Fan Art Lines!
Mistresses of Orion by SirTiefling
Baldur's Gate Party Time by SirTiefling
Druid Shepherd Tinker Mage by SirTiefling
These ones are from old legendary videogames (older than some of you!) but the future paintings need not stick to "old" or "videogames". Or just "girl characters"! If the characters are interesting, any fan art 'verse is fine!

So suggestions, please! What "side-by-side"-fan art picture would YOU wish me to paint? Because you never know, your wish could come true. :)


FAQ. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Commissions? Sorry, no.

Requests? Not right now.

Art trades? Only if you start. I'll always return the favor.

Free art? Test your luck in one of my Free Art LotteRaffleRies!

Mouse?? Yes, I paint with a mouse. I'm 100% tabletless.

Also note: I've only submitted art in the deviantArt, and SirTiefling exists only here. If you see my works somewhere out there, someone else is responsible. If nobody is claiming to be me and/or trying to sell this blah, then everything is great! But if someone says "I SirTiefling, I sell"... That's untrue and silly.

Hail, Space Emperors! There are alien civilizations out there. Your strategy focuses on... 

47 deviants said ...Diplomacy! Unleash the ambassadors, become their bestest buddy!
38 deviants said ...Research! My Science will become bigger than their Science!
33 deviants said ...Espionage! Cosmic voyeurism will lead us to victory! (It's also fun!)
27 deviants said ...Military! Lasers say ZAP, space ships go BOOM! EPIC!
15 deviants said Blah. I'll just click "end turn" and see what happens next.
11 deviants said What? Uh, me? But-but I'm not Space Emperor! I'm just a janitor...




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Carringd Featured By Owner 3 days ago
My my! Very impressive work! It is my pleasure to follow such art!
SirTiefling Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
Thank you. :D
Darthmind Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Artist
Your ahsoka drawing caught my eye. Now..I will watch you for more! :p 
SirTiefling Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks. :D
Darthmind Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
Thank you! I am still working on how tactically in combat those toeless heelless boots wouldn't be a hinder. But I am so going to use them xD *nods* will credit. 
nemesislivezx Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Student Artist
There is a proposal.

To have "Blaze Fielding" Do you think cute that the cosplay heroine "Mona" of "Streets of Rage 3"?

This is the cosplay.

Mona and Lisa…

#streetsofrage #streetsofrage3 #blazefielding #mona #lisa #onihime #yasha #bareknuckle #bareknuckle3 #cosplay
ColorLessHeart Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Student Artist
your Into ths Fade work was really cool
SirTiefling Featured By Owner 6 days ago
ColorLessHeart Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
Dercetech Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I really like your art, it's energizing to see some of my favorite classics in only a few clicks!
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